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"And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears."


This is where your new story begins... 

Our desire is for EVERY woman to Feel Beautiful after being with us. From the moment she walks in, we go through her outfits and accessories. She sits in our stylists chair and starts the glam experience. Then she sees herself pampered and ready for her photos to be taken. 
Coached through the whole process and empowered through the words that flow out of Jenn's soul. She is changed. She is empowered. She feels like a new woman. She has a that flame of womanhood lit back inside her soul. The flame that she thought was burnt out or dimmed has now been reignited into a flame of renewed confidence.  



This is the... 

Feel Beautiful Experience 


To have a session with Jenn Fortune, was to see the parts of myself I always hid because I had been blinded by others opinions of my image and I couldn’t see the true beauty their opinions were masking. It took a long time to be comfortable in my own skin, and she was able to capture and show that comfort.  

felt so comfortable

"This body is mine, it is all me and has a story to tell."

Owning my beauty

My photos with Jenn were an experience I am grateful I was able to have. I had lost over 100 pounds due to weight loss surgery and getting myself healthy. In my pictures, I see the scars, stretch marks, and other signs of life that make me beautiful. I will never forget the first time she gave me a peek at the display on the back of her camera to show me what she was seeing. The feeling was overwhelming, in a good way, and I cried.

wonderful, beautiful

Without the use of photoshop, Jenn has the ability to capture the strengths of your body and personality, while downplaying other areas if needed. She is able to make you comfortable and genuinely makes you feel special. When she approached me to be a spokesmodel, it showed me that there was somebody who could see past all the negative opinions I had lived by, and see the whole person who was cowering beneath the surface wanting out. I strongly suggest to any considering these types of pictures, DO NOT WAIT!

do Not wait

This body has carried me through life and loss and cared for, nurtured, and nourished my children from conception through the first few years of life. There are scars from damage done by others and scars from the healing process, but none of them take away from the beauty. 
If there was anything I could/would change about this experience, it would be doing these photos sooner in life.

the photos are so lovely

Concerned I wasn't pretty enough, skinny enough, sexy enough... seeing the results made me feel better and more confident about my body and myself. She showed me even with all my imperfections I was still beautiful. Jen is and always will be my favorite photographer! ❤ 

renewed sense of confidence

I loved my session with you and I will keep   recommending people your way!

so pleased!

email me for more details

Whether you would like to take these photos for your significant other or even for yourself... you will have a fun time of being flirty, fabulous and sexy! She will absolutely make you feel as comfortable as possible and to create an environment where you feel safe and confident.
We look forward to connecting and creating beautiful timeless images for you to treasure for a lifetime! 

Welcome to Southern Illinois' Premier Boudoir Studio! 
Jenn Fortune is a Professional
International photographer who currently resides in Downtown Carterville, Illinois.  
She has been in the photography business for 10+ years and loves helping women "Feel Beautiful".  
Anyone can take a picture, very few are able to capture the essence and true beauty of a woman. Jenn has that gift.

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